About Us

Brother look there are two types of people in the world. One who work hard and create new things. And second who steal another’s work. We are among the first type of people !

There are many wallpaper websites on the internet which became famous by stealing the work of other artists and publishing it on their website. But we thought that we will make our website plagiarism free.

Also, not to mention we are HUGE fans of Hanuman ji and noticed that there’s a dearth of High quality bajrangbali wallpapers on the web. That became the starting point of our story. We want to make unique Bajrangbali ji’s hd wallpapers for the people.

We understand your need and urge to see hanuman ji’s photo whenever you unlock your mobile and believe us brother we are here to address this issue…. Jai Shri Ram 🙏

shri ram and hanuman image